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no headline does this justice

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , , on August 31, 2009 by sunnyside herald

maybe i’m too high to qualify this morning, but i’ve been smokin’ for 27 years and writing headline for 25 of them, so i blame this video.

problem was i had too many options:

“if i don’t get famous, i’m’a slap god in the face when i get to heaven”


“why sophia only dates white boyz”


and before you call me a racist, the only reason i found this video is ‘cos i was looking for one showing the 13,000 messicuns who danced to ‘thriller’ over the weekend.


se aza rprznt

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dengue fever will be live on kcrw at 11:15. and since it’s friday, go ahead and spoil yourself and watch the webcast. those fuckers don’t deserve you, and they’re too stupid to even realize it. in fact, when the show’s done, take a long lunch.