the jewish and the sandwich

i was informed the other night that jews like big sandwiches.

being the curious intellect that god made me, i naturally consulted my all-things-semitic expert, b-lite.  she is of the chosen people after all.

i got this text message the following morning:

“do jews like big sandwiches?  hmmm, i guess so.  like the rueben.  we REALLY like chinese food though!”

well, there you have it, folks.  straight from the mouth of moses’ descendant. 

thank you for joining me on another half-assed tour of global civilizations.  until next time- shalom!


5 Responses to “the jewish and the sandwich”

  1. Oh man, that sammie looks awesome, but it’s no kung pao chicken.

    • how about a 5-inch tall kung pao chicken sandwich on rye bread with a side of pickle?

      • And with brown deli mustard. no mayo on a sandwich. never never ever ever never put mayo on a sandwich. it totally destroys its integrity!

  2. Perhaps jews aren’t white? white people think the sandwich is king, not kung pao.

    • two points:

      first, we (mainly because of you, actually) have established that jews are brown. hence, we call her b-lite for “brown- light.”

      second, you’ve never tried kung-pao chicken so- who knows- you may become a convert, too 🙂

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