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power, pinoy style

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manny pacquiao has become an international boxing sensation, and the filipinos cannot be prouder. 

in fact, during the airing of his last fight (see vid excerpt below) in the philippines, there were no cars on the road and the crime rate momentarily plummeted to zero, as all the pinoys huddled close to a television to watch the fighting pride of the philippines (that’s one of his monikers, no joke) kick some foreign ass.
in case you’re not familiar with my mother land, it’s a third-world nation where it normally takes 30 minutes to drive 10 blocks and where crimes of passion and petty thefts are rampant. 

like a true filipino celebrity, the champ is now dabbling in a music career (the other choices would be acting, dancing, or a combo).

manny sings maid music:

then he’s slated to run for congress in 2010 with a predicted landslide victory.

bravo, my fellow-pino!  well done.  just please don’t fuck up the country even more when you’re ruling it.


coochie coochie

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not the nsfw coochie, but the awdowabawl kind:


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someone is obviously stricken with a bad case of yellow fever:

omg! it’s like looking in a mirror!

it’s friday, bitches!

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whooops!  a week has passed and i’ve been too consumed by looming adult deadlines to blog.  as a matter of fact, my only saving grace that’s allowing me to post today is a broken lab equipment.  since the science maker is out of commission, i get to put my pipettes down and play in cyber space.

so plofesol lob-uh paid me an unexpected visit yesterday. sometime after getting asked by my neighbor to turn down the radio show streaming from my laptop and before finishing our first st germain cocktail, the dialogue took a turn towards boot-critquing.

the plofesol appreciates his ladies in white “substantial” boots.  i prefer ones in darker pigments.  eh, no shocker there.

have a good weekend, everyone!

it’s friday, bitches!

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ack!  in the chaos of a demanding work week and a newly developed compulsion to solve online crossword puzzles, i forgot to pay tribute to sesame street’s 40th birthday, which occured on tuesday, 11/10. 

sesame street

belated happy 40th!

so sorry, sesame street.

this show-  along with the simpsons, sweet valley twins, and archie comic books– is one of the quality (yes, svt is quality, too!) u.s. exports i devoured and is primarily responsible for why it takes jerks, i mean folks, 6 months of scrutinizing my english to realize i’m a foreigner.

here are some awesome sesame street tunes:

have a nice weekend!

hooray for penises!

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tee hee.

brought to you by b-lite. 
this is exactly why we’re pals.

it’s friday, bitches!

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my hair stylist and i have decided that i’m getting a pompadour or a bouffant on my next salon visit.


future me A?


future me B?

girly doo-wop tunes immediately came to mind.  and karaoke.

clearly, the next logical step would be to sing doo-wop tunes in a karaoke bar while sporting either one of the hairdos.

i’m hatching a scheme as i type.  it’ll happen, it’ll happen….

have a spectacular weekend!