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it’s friday, bitches!

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it’s halloween weekend- wooOOOOooo!

everyone, put on a show. don’t be lame. attempt a transformation.

this year, i’m embracing my inner octopus. it’s about time.

have fun!


carol the wild thing

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Where the Wild Things Are 

b-lite is obsessed with where the wild things are and, in particular, with carol.  he’s a sensitive being with very low emotional intelligence (can you tell i’m taking a psych class right now?).  he’s also the main monster in the spike jonze adaptation of the book.  (side story: i gave my 4-year-old nephew a hand puppet of bernard instead for his birthday and my brother/his dad responded with, “pffft! he’s not even a main character!”) 

a couple of weeks ago, b-lite and i went to the cinema 45 minutes early before the screening to guarantee good seats.  i honestly don’t think the show even sold out.  nonetheless, 4 other small groups of geeks like us were hurrying the janitors to clean the theater of the mess the last viewers left so we can rush inside.


as we sat down in the middle of the theater, i noticed that the girl to my left had placed her purse on the seat in between us, not to reserve it for someone but just to keep her stuff off her lap and off the floor.  in a moment of brilliance and bitchiness, i decided to leave 2 seats in between us, knowing that a couple on a date would ultimately take them and she would have no choice but to move her bag.  5 minutes later, my prediction happened.  b-lite grinned and called me an asshole. 

i liked the movie a lot.  but that was the best part of it.

building blocks

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sergej hein made this charming little video on forming communist-era berlin buildings tetris-style. 

magic mind

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meet stephen wiltshire.

hailing from london, england, wiltshire is an autistic artist, gifted with a photographic memory. 

his latest project is to draw a detailed manhattan skyline on an 18-foot canvas based on his recollection alone.


it’s a 5-day ordeal that started on monday, 10/25.

you can watch his progress live.

kinda dope but mostly not

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a nod to my recent reminiscence.

check out how these folks showered their el camino with love (courtesy of people of walmart):


i like el caminos and i like family guy.  but the combo?  not so much.

where the wild things at?

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check out this hurried but super cute version of beyonce’s irreplaceable, her empowering anthem about kicking douchebags to the curb.

this one is sung by a french-speaking chick who has a detectable lisp and calls herself “pwiincess-bb,” just like how rob used to call my late/his favorite cat.