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i love all sorts of bugs and animals but one creature i never wish to encounter is the parasitic Dracunculus medinensis, aka the guinea worm.


fun facts about the guinea worm:

  • found in contaminated fresh water in africa and remote parts of india
  • a mature one can grow up to 3 feet long
  • incubates inside a human for a year and gradually emerges by tearing through the flesh when host is soaking in water
  • its journey to freedom takes weeks or even months during which the worm is carefully extracted from the body by rolling it around a stick
  • the extraction process is painful and can be temporarily debilitating

helpful visuals not for the faint of heart:




not done dreaming

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does anybody else dream about words?

i’m not talking about playing a word game in your sleep or even being immersed in the meaning of the word. all i see in my mind’s eye is the word spelled out and floating in a nondescript background.

last week, the word was “lothario.” last night, it was “leviathan” with a banner that read “not done dreaming” suspended underneath.

what does it all mean? well, i’m going to take the literal sense of that question.

leviathan: noun, a sea monster; in Satanism, according to occult author Anton LaVey, Leviathan represents the element of Water and the direction of West


twangin’ tuesday

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in honor of this weekend’s hardly strictly bluegrass festival, here’s steve martin jammin’ on his banj with the muppets.

for the chosen ones

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um, i think today is yom kippur, cos my jews seem to be repentin’ and shit. so here’s a textbook example of the classic jewish tradition of humor.

it’s kind of like jiu jitsu with jokes – notice how waldorf and statler use uncle milty’s own words to skewer him with. this is wit in the truest sense – dum dums who aren’t quick with the brain stuff just aren’t capable of it. yes, i’m talking about that insufferable goy, dane cook. feh!

it’s friday, bitches!

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today, chicken!

these vids inspire me to make chicken adobo soon.

have a good weekend, everyone!

the anti-beyonce

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a fresh take on “single ladies.”

there’s no hip-swaying but there’s a hipster singing.

i should be hatin’ but i’m actually lovin’


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