the colonel’s out of control

"pamela anderson hates me"

"pamela anderson hates me"

there are two fast food places that i like- well, okay- love: in-and-out burger and kfc (until last season, arby’s was part of the list but their cheddar roast beef sandwich gave me mad gas and indigestion during a 3-hour drive).

kfc, it seems to me, is going apeshit about coming out with new stuff to retain or broaden their market. 

first they came out with the famous bowl, which looks like someone’s rejected and already-regurgitated lunch.  gross. 

puke in a bowl

puke in a bowl

then, they decided to have grilled chicken.  alright, i dig that. 



then, the latest: the double down sandwich, in which the buns that nestle the bacon, cheddar, colonel sauce filling are actually fried chicken.  hey low carb, everyone! 

low carbs, haaaaaaye!

proof that low carb doesn't always equal healthy

it’s currently available only in rhode island and nebraska (hello socio-anthropological case study). 

i might try it.  could be tasty.  but my undying affection remains with their original fried chicken.


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