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it’s friday, bitches!

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it’s day 3 of my new job and it looks like i have to relent to the norm and develop a caffeine habit to feel human.  gone are the salad days of going to bed at 2am and waking up at 11am.  now i have to join the proletariat population and be a 9 to 5er.  don’t get me wrong here- i’m grateful for getting a position at such a distinguished company and for working with stellar people, but maaaan, acclimating to a work schedule is kicking my tired ass! 
truly, thank goodness it’s friday! 

these sultry crazy-talented gents gave a superb performance in berkeley over the weekend. we all swooned, including lob-uh.
check out the live version:


you deserve a break

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fellow metropolitans,

the good people at san francisco have concocted Hawt on Yelp, a splendid treat involving a collection of top-notch salons and spas that will offer 50% off certain services from june 8th through the 14th.

prevent work burnout.
indulge your inner hedonist.


get down to business

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when you feel like gettin’ busy rather than lookin’ busy,
take a look at this map for direction and guidance:

(click on image for magnified and interactive view)


anybody know what “figging” is?

it’s friday, bitches!

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another wholesome children’s show spliced with explicit lyrics. this video genre has really taken off recently.

i am aiming for an eclectic mix of friday music videos and was going to resist posting this, but the execution is too seamless not to share.

so, kick back, relax, and have a great weekend!

sexy like tom cruise

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this is what happens when a bunch of corporatist eggheads let dollar signs cloud the innovation skies, which are supposed to be, like, limitless and stuff:


what this presentation SHOULD have announced is a device abstractly familiar to many of you who have suffered through a drunken evening of conversation with me in which one or more participants (usually me) asked aloud while holding the conch: “what is it i’m trying to remember?”

this mythical device, currently being tested in the Technology Lab of Jeff’s Imagination, is called the “SpielBuddy” and its major innovation is that, contrary to most personal technology of today, it actually aids the flow of an f2f conversation.

it’s simple and can be constructed with existing technology. here’s how it works:

drunkard X pipes into an ongoing conversation with a very witty/profound/obnoxious contribution, but in mid-spiel, forgets a key fact. instead of wondering aloud what it is she’s trying to recall, she simply says: “computer, youtube, UWE BOLL BOXING MATCH, project on south wall.”

one of a dozen random interstitial music loops plays while the search is conducted, and then, as you guessed, the top results appear on the wall for all to read/view.

or rather, if MIT has its way, we can finally do the comparison-shopping on shit tickets that we’ve been longing for, lo these many years…

your camera is racist

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is someone blinking?

the two on the left look blinky to me.

sad music

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instead of doing the dishes or reading the paperwork for my upcoming new job, i decided to work on a mini side project and asked el e to help me pick out tear-inducing music suitable for post breakup listening.  hours later, as we noticed our eyes misting after going through one heart wrenching song after another, we recalled that unforgettable monday night when we decided to have a mellow evening listening to cds and making dinner after a weary work day.  the details are a bit fuzzy but we ended up finishing two bottles of red wine, warbling heartily along to madonna’s the immaculate collection album, then sobbing profusely in the kitchen when patsy cline started singing about heartbreak.   we were both terribly hungover at work the following day, tuesday.  the shameful memory of our spontaneous cry fest made her call it a night after these videos left us shaken, sentimental, and cursing our hormones.